Wild Republic Nature Tube: Sharks

Wild Republic Nature Tube: Sharks

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Ages 3+

Explore the wild depths with the Wild Republic Nature Tube: Sharks!

Uncover the mysteries of these misunderstood sea predators and let your imaginations run wild re-enacting underwater adventures. With this tube, pair it with your favourite book about sharks and learn where they live, how they eat, and whether they're really as scary as the legends say! There's nothing quite like learning with hands-on experience.

So, pop on your pretend scuba gear and get ready for a fin-tastic expedition!

For a completely immersive experience, pair with a Tara Treasures Play Mat and create an incredible play scene for your child!

The tube includes 12 fierce sharks

  • Hammerhead
  • Reef 
  • Great White
  • Tiger
  • and more