My Story

All About Me:

 My name is Monika, I’m a mother to a clever, energetic, and very cheeky toddler. Like for many others out there, this was a painstaking 7-year journey trying to get pregnant, filled with many tears, loss, and heartaches. Finally, I was blessed with a successful pregnancy, and in mid-2019 I took a break from the corporate world, ready to tackle maternity leave and to enjoy my long-awaited new role, motherhood. Following this, in early 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic evolved and we all know the world changed. Coinciding with this my previous employer was going through months in administration and inevitably closed down, making my employment redundant. I embraced this opportunity to spend more time at home with my baby girl. As a person who has a terrible time switching off, my mind kept ticking over - ideas, inspiration and dreams for the next steps in my career and future.This all led me to one question, "why not go it alone?" and here we are.

My Background:

After working in the toy and gift industries for over a decade, I was inspired to share my years of knowledge and experience and make finding clever products easier for everyone.

IQM Store is my brainchild. A curated range in one place for parents and gift-givers alike. My aim is to help get the right products into the hands of kids (and us big kids as well). Products that will ignite an appetite for lifelong learning, a range that is educational and of course fun. Play is an important element that hides the fact that we're "learning" and excites kids to seek out more on their own. There’s nothing better than learning as you play!

I believe through imagination, experiment, and discovery your child will develop the skills they need for a bright and successful future. We all know, learning doesn’t stop at a young age or just at school, we learn every day of our lives, and that is why here I will only offer products that will challenge the mind, entertain the soul and inspire imaginations, it’s an endless learning journey and it’s one we should enjoy!

My Values:

It's simple, I'm all about Quality
  • Quality Brands.
  • Quality Service.
  • Quality Products.

I don’t want to be a contributor to landfill with toys that are "time wasters", I believe every product you own needs to challenge your mind, or stimulate your imagination and bring together families and friends. A product that will last, I know there are plenty of cheaper versions out there and I also understand that sometimes money can be limited, it's a very fragile balance. The concept behind quality products is you don't need as many, you just need the right ones that will last, but more importantly teach through play & fun. I pride myself on working with reputable suppliers that offer quality products and support. When you take a product home or give it as a gift, the last thing you need to worry about is its safety or durability. From time to time, I will offer limited specials, to help relieve the pressure on your wallet. It's about give and take, I'm here for the long run, and I want to build a lifelong relationship with you, we're on this journey together!

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Oh, before I go, I want share another way I give back, by signing up to our Clever Rewards Program, you get 100 Clever Cookies just for signing up, which is $10 off your next purchase! With every purchase, share or birthday you gain more Cookies. It's my way of saying thank you for your ongoing support!

Contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for supporting my small business!