Schleich White Tiger

Schleich White Tiger

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Ages 3+

Ready for an exotic wildcat adventure? Look no further than the Schleich White Tiger figurine!

This fierce, majestic beauty features soft white fur, piercing blue eyes, and a hungry prowl that'll transport you to the jungles of the world. Have a wild ride with this authentically-detailed tiger, perfect for bringing the jungle to your living room!

Be amazed at the handpainted accuracy of this Schleich White Tiger! His playful personality and incredible detail come to life, making it easy to get lost in a jungle of imagination! This Schleich White Tiger figurine offers a realistic playtime experience, giving your child a fun way to explore and learn about the wilds of nature. 

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name: Panthera tigris
  • Global Home: Asia
  • Conservation Status: Endangered
  • Primary habitat: Tropical Forest, Bogs

Size: 12.9 x 3 x 6cm