Schleich Reindeer

Schleich Reindeer

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Ages 3+

Reindeer is a deer species that live in large herds in the colder regions of North America, northern Europe and northern Asia. In nature, they have the same stick-like antlers as the one from Schleich® Wild Life. They are the only deer species where the female also has antlers. Another special feature is their hooves. They are very wide and spread as they walk. This creates a characteristic creaking or cracking sound.

The reindeer from Schleich® Wild Life has a thick, long grey-brown coat, as it does in nature.

Fun Fact: The reindeer coat turns lighter in winter so that animals are better camouflaged in the snowy landscape.

Scientific facts:

  • Scientific name: Rangifer tarandus
  • Global Home: North America, Europe
  • Conservation Status: Vulnerable
  • Primary habitat: Forest, Grassland

Size: 12.7 x 5.2 x 11.7cm