Schleich Andalusian Foal

Schleich Andalusian Foal

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Ages 3+

Create your own collection of horses an Andalusian Foal, made with great detail to resemble the real-life animal. 

Andalusian foals aren’t fully grown until the age of six or seven. This is significantly later than foals from other horse breeds. In the first few years, they are gently introduced to wearing a halter and being showered. This helps the foals to learn to trust people.

Fun Fact: In Spain, there are cave paintings of Andalusians that are 20,000–30,000 years old

  • Scientific name: Equus ferus caballus
  • Global Home: Worldwide
  • Conservation Status: Least concern
  • Primary Habitat: Savanna, Grassland

Size: 8cm x 3.3cm x 7.8cm