Discover Science: Galilean Moons

Discover Science: Galilean Moons

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Ages 5+

Take a closer look at the Moons of Jupiter and voyage further into your astronomical knowledge. The Galilean Moons gift box showcases the famous Galilean moons of Jupiter, discovered by Galileo. The moons are a beautiful set of tumbled gemstones

The Moons are represented by:

  • Io: Yellow Jade
  • Europa: Red Howlite
  • Ganymede: Bamboo Jasper
  • Callisto: Leopardskin Jasper

Galileo discovered these moons using his telescope in January 1610. Thereby demonstrating the value of using a telescope to observe the cosmos.

They come beautifully gift-boxed, making them a wonderful gift for any budding astronomer.

The set complements the Planetary Gemstones set or Cosmic Collection.