4M KidzMaker Unicorn Rub Art Studio

4M KidzMaker Unicorn Rub Art Studio

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Ages 4+

Have fun creating perfect unicorn art on this 8-metre-long paper scroll. 

Create an artistic unicorn scene by rubbing crayons over the unicorn art pieces! Change the plates and roll the paper out to make a continuous scene or tear off each scene to have individual unicorns. 

Ready to sparkle your way into artistic excellence? Showcase your creations in style and make sure your rainbow inspirations shine and last for the ages!

Box Includes

  • 8x Unicorn templates to create the scenes
  • 2x Crayons
  • 1x Crayon holder
  • 3x Coloured pencils
  • Handy tote bag for storage


Box Size: 18 x 25 x 7cm