Gifts Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers LOVE everything for about 5 minutes if you're lucky, and when they have a party it's easy for them to get overwhelmed with all the new toys and unwrapping, and the most thoughtful gift may seem ignored. We believe It's best to steer towards a gift that encourages development, something brightly coloured, slightly challenging, fun and not too specific (remember toddlers grow quickly, sometimes quicker than you can unbox that new toy). Our top suggestions:


  1. Sensory Toys: touch and feel are important developmental elements, focus on touch, sound and visual.


  1. Wooden Toys: quality wooden toys have longevity, they can typically withstand more rough play as well as be handed down to subsequent children.


  1. Construction: blocks, magnets, stackers are amazing for developing fine motor and problem-solving skills


  1. Books: A child can never have too many books!