Gifts Ideas for School Kids

Hands up if you have trouble buying for children 6-12 years of age? They are a tough crowd to please, and these days they seem to grow up so quickly, six is the new sixteen, they have more opinions, attitudes, likes/dislikes and access to technology than in the past. Steer away from "too kiddy", as they won't 'like' it, and purely educational is not 'cool'. SO where do you start! Here are our top gift ideas:


  1. Discovery: Science is an amazing versatile area that most 6-12-year-olds can relate to. From exploding volcanoes to clipping together circuits., plus shhh don't tell them they are learning!


  1. Almost an adult: All kids want to grow up before their time, a gift that implies they are more mature than their actual age (within reason) gets you brownie points.


  1. DIY: whilst they believe they are too old for this and that, there is a part in all of us that wants recognition for something we made, craft, construction, design etc are a great place to start


  1. Hobby: If a child has a specific hobby, past-time or interest that is a great place to invest, and nurture. Every child is different but one thing is true, if they have a passion, they will tell you!