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The by ASTRUP® brand designs unique high-quality products that encourage play, creativity and joy, each and every day. The idea for the designs is inspired by everyday life. The style is classically Scandinavian in beautiful, neutral colours.

The by ASTRUP® brand arose from a need to process grief from having lost their youngest daughter, while at the same time passing on Marie´s caring nature and sense of creativity. That is why Anette Astrup Petersen, established the by ASTRUP® brand in 2018. Some people decide to write a book about their grief. Annette chose to create a new brand. A brand that represents Marie´s mindset and values: Caring for others, a zest for life and creativity with deep Scandinavian roots.

The dominant graphical element in the byASTRUP logo is Marie’s butterfly, and the A in by ASTRUP forms an M for Marie.

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  • Astrup Wooden Role Play Table Mirror with Drawer
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