Gifts Ideas for Big Kids

Where to start! To quote Madonna, "Cause we are living in a material world", seems about right, plenty of us want something and either get it or strive towards it, making it ever so hard for those around us to purchase a gift for any occasion (birthdays, Mothers/ Fathers day, Christmas!). We want to give something that will be useful, used or enjoyed. Here are our key tips for 'big kid' gifting:


  1. Adventure: You're never too old to enjoy a little (or a lot)of nature. Hiking, bird/whale watching, star gazing and the best part if this can be done solo, with a family or friends!


  1. Entertainment: Whilst we all grow up, we don't have to give up our childhood. Game nights have made a resurgence in the adult population and there are so many great groups, families and even e-games to play!


  1. Stress Relief: Without a doubt, life today is stressful, not because of the pandemic but in general, sensory items don't just have to be for development, they are also amazing stress relievers. From magnets to stress balls.