Schleich Young Orangutan

Schleich Young Orangutan

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Ages 3+

Baby orangutans cling to their mother’s belly for the first few weeks of their lives. When baby orang-utans reach the age of two and are strong enough, they swing between branches themselves using their long arms. However, they still hold their mother’s hand as they do so to be on the safe side.

Fun Fact: Newborn orangutans have pink faces. It is only over the course of time that their faces get darker. Functional Description: Holds on tight to the orang-utan mother!

The Schleich young Orangutan can cold onto the female orangutan (sold separately)

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name: Pongo pygmaeus
    Global Home: Asia
    Conservation Status: Critically Endangered
    Primary habitat: Subtropical Forest

Size: 3.8 x 4 x 5.3cm