My First Jigsaw Book: What Color Are You?

My First Jigsaw Book: What Color Are You?

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Ages 2+

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the simplest and most effective ways to learn while having fun!

Created for pre-school children, the aim of this new and innovative collection is to unite reading time with playtime and manual creativity. In each volume, the pages of text are alternated with puzzle pages to put back together: in order to see how many sheep there are in the field, or what the bird's house is made of, children will have to piece together Ronnie Gazzola's illustrations on their own, giving then a whole new sense of satisfaction!

Depending on the volume, the puzzles are made up of 1 or 6 pieces: in both cases, they are very easy to put back together, but at the same time stimulating and exciting (and made in durable cardboard!).

In Colours with Leo the Chameleon, the two-piece puzzles will teach children to count from one to five and to recognise colours together with some lovely little animals

This is a sure method for children to learn with ease and above all have lots of fun!

    • Type: Board Book
    • Pages: 12
    • Publication Date: 01/07/2019

    Ronny Gazzolla was born in a little town near Venice. After the diploma at the artistic high school and through workshops and several international competitions he approached illustration. He has worked as a freelancer with several companies. He realises editorial illustrations, illustrations for children and graphic projects.


    Size: 16 x 16cm