Paola Reina Minikane Gordis 34cm Blonde Doll - Zoe

Paola Reina Minikane Gordis 34cm Blonde Doll - Zoe

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Ages 3+

These beautiful anatomically correct newborn Gordis dolls from Paola Reina. Gordis dolls are entirely handcrafted in Spain using only the finest European materials, designed with the heart and made with love and are great children’s gifts.

Paola Reina’s dedication to high-quality dolls can be seen in each doll’s angelic hand-painted facial features, eloquent sparkling eyes, lush hair and eyelashes.

The high-quality phthalate-free vinyl dolls are soft to the touch, yet durable allowing the dolls to withstand all the love and adoration given to them.

Paola Reina creates dolls that every child can identify with, regardless of gender, race, and culture.

Paola Reina dolls are the cherished companions of children around the world, with their unparalleled quality also making them trusted by parents and the perfect addition to any doll collection.

All Paola Reina dolls have are lightly vanilla scented. The doll’s arms, head and legs turn, and the dolls can be placed in standing or sitting positions.

Please Note: This doll has its hair rooted over a hairline, noticeable when the fringe is lifted.

Note: This doll is supplied without clothing

Made in Spain.



Benefits of playing with dolls

The game with dolls helps the child in their movement, emotional, social and cognitive development:

  • They let you know their environment and develop your thinking.
  • Development of communication and language skills. Children verbalize constantly while doing it, whether they are accompanied or not.
  • Learning tasks and everyday habits. Through the imitation of the adult world.
  • It favours the understanding and assimilation of the surrounding world.
  • It promotes imagination and creativity. While inventing those fictional worlds.
  • It helps to recognize, to route and to express emotions through the dolls, giving the opportunity to handle the situation and control these emotions.
  • In the earlier ages, playing with dolls favours motoric development as a child must generate the impulse force so the dolls can perform the desired action.