How Tall Was a T. Rex?

How Tall Was a T. Rex?

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Ages 3+

Explore everyone's favourite dinosaur in this graphically striking and innovative picture book from an extraordinary new talent.

Everyone's fascinated by T.rex and wants to know what this big, fearsome creature was really like. How tall was it? How much did it eat? Did it have scales or feathers? Find out! This brilliant exploration of the world's scariest dinosaur offers loads of eye-opening facts and fun comparisons - for example, a T.rex was as long as six lions and its teeth were as big as bananas - those budding paleontologists will love!

    • Type: Paperback
    • Pages: 32
    • Publication Date: 01/02/2022

    Alison Limentani has a degree in Animal Behaviour and worked as a zookeeper before training as a veterinary nurse. She is passionate about drawing animals and sharing her knowledge about them, which led her to complete a Master's of Art in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art in England. She teaches children's art classes at London Zoo and creates images using traditional printmaking techniques. Alison lives in Cambridge, England.


    Size: 24.5 x 24.5cm